Saturday, April 11, 2009

Adam Lambert Not Affected by Idols Mistake

Last week were you sitting on your couch watching American Idol, waiting for Adam Lambert to sing and then it went the the next program? Don't worry it was not only you, it was about half of America. On this weeks episode of American Idol it the Idols job to sing a song in the year in which they where born. Near the end of the show when it was Adam's turn to sing, American Idol cut short. Some people were very upset while others did not even notice. When you watched the Result show of American Idol you see the recap of last nights performance and you see that Simon Cowell gives Adam a standing ovation. This is very unusual for Simon Cowell because he rarely gives anyone standing ovations, not even to celebrities. This mad half of America even madder, they did not get to see a performance that Simon stood up for. No worries I have you covered, below is a video of Adam Lambert singing Mad World by Tears for Fears. Also Adam was the first person to make in into the top 7 this week. Nice Job Adam for some Ame It is only the audio. ricans who only say five seconds of your performance! What do you think of Adams performance? Did it deserve the standing ovation?

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