Saturday, April 11, 2009

Britney has her hands all over WHO?

On the cover of this weeks Star Magazine its claiming that Britney and Kevin were caught in bed by Kevin's girlfriend Victoria Prince. It was reported earlier that Kevin and Victoria were going to get married later this year. A family insider had this to say about the Britney and K-Fed "It's like they're newlyweds all over again, Britney and Kevin can't keep their hands off each other! The flings have made them both a lot happier." which is featured in Star. It is reported that Kevin has been spending a lot of time with Britney through out her Circus tour. News has reported that these two can not leave each other alone and every free moment they have they are with each other. Whether it be in a quiet hotel suites or even Britney's dressing room in the backstage of her Circus tour. But Kevin is not the only guy that Britney has rumored having sex with during the tour. Before Kevin it was one of her sexy dancers who is a part of her dance troupe. What do you think of the two rekindling the old flame?

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