Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Paris partying cause a rumble!

When you hear that Paris Hilton has been parting there is probably no surprise there. But recently it went to new heights. Recently Paris Hilton and her boyfriend of about one month Doug Reinhardt, went to a club. What really stirred the pot was the fact that Doug got into a fight. Over what you might ask? Well Paris of course! At the club the couple was partying at H-Wood when a drunk fool tried to grab Paris’ boobs. Doug got very jealous and stepped in to defend Paris. US Magazine reports that “Doug protected his lady and pushed the guy. That’s when all of Doug’s boys stepped in and beat the crap out of the guy. Then Doug had security kick him out of the club.” Wow Doug must really love her. But does Paris Love him. What do you think? How long will they last?

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  1. Big Bad Ashely Brown Meanest Brown in the whole DAMN town ASHELY WHO BROWWWWNNNNNNN!!!
    She's A Very Freakkkyyy Brown Got it from Mama Brown Don't Bring Her to Mama.