Saturday, April 11, 2009

Robert Pattinson Injured on Set of New Moon

The sequel to the hit movie Twilight is being filmed as we speak. New Moon is being filmed in Vancouver Canada. The film is said to hit theatres in November 20th 2009. There have been many pictures of the cast in different outfits. Some of these outfits the fans can guess what part of the book is being created. Then again with other outfits the cast are wearing, its leaves the fans wanting more. To the left is not the actual New Moon poster. The official one has not been released yet. That is just the good news, what about the bad news. While filming a scene for the upcoming film, it is reported that Robert Pattinson pulled ligaments in his gluteus maximus. [This means that he pulled a muscle in his butt.] Robert Pattinson is doing fine and continue filming. There is no need to worry about filming not being finished, but Robert Pattinson on the other hand. He is just a injury magnet. Earlier in the filming process Robert was filming a scene in a really gusty wind storm. With a big gust of wind broke out it took a heavy metal sign of its post. The sign flew across the lot so fast that no one even saw it coming. The sign hit Pattinson right in the back of the noggin. Robert then dropped to the floor and the crew ran over to help him, they sent out a call for an ambulance. After Robert began moving very slowly and was very disoriented, but he was able to speak. Pattinson was given ice for his lump on the back of his head. When the medics arrived Pattinson was fine, but the director did not take any chances and he cancelled filming. Robert Pattinson came back the next day ready to film. What do you think of Robert Pattinson being accident prone?

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