Wednesday, April 15, 2009

America Idol War!

This months OK! Weekly has caused a little bit of a controversy. Featured in this months mag. is the war that is going on behind the scenes of American Idol! The big dilemma is the fact that next year Paula was going to leave the show but now she is having second thoughts and that was they only reason that they brought Kara into the show. It was a diversion so when Paula left, it would not seem as bad. An Idol insider had this to say, “Now the producers are left with a tough decision: Do they go back to the original three-judge format, or leave Kara there?” All four of the judges are working out their contracts and no ninth season has been confirmed yet. A pal of the former pop star said “Paula wants to remain on the program for as long as Simon is involved, and Kara’s trying to stay on for as much time as possible. She wants Paula to get the ax.” So far in this Idol War it has been a he said she said battle. Paula shocked everyone when she told OK! in January, “Kara and I get along great and have known each other for years, but we tried four judges before when we had celebrity guest judges sitting in, and it just does not work.” Kara replied with: “Paula has a right to her opinions, but I was disappointed by her comments and hurt that she did not address them to me in person.” So what do you think of this Idol War? Who do you think should leave?

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  1. omg i like them both their both awsome i cant believe you would blog about this! LOL