Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chris Brown pleads NOT guilty!

Everyone must know about the situation with Chris Brown and Rihanna. If you don't I will give you a little break. Chris and Rihanna were in Chris' rented Lamborghini on the night of the Oscars [which was in February] and an out break occurred. No one knows exactly what had cause the outburst but many have reported that Chris punched and hit Rihanna multiple times. There was a picture leaked by TMZ that shows a beaten Rihanna. The Picture No one knows 100% if the picture is real, but many believe it to be the real thing based on the tattoo on her shoulder. After the incident all Chris had to say that he was "sorry and saddened." After this incident many radio stations have stopped playing the R+B singers music and many of his ad campaigns were dropped. The Chris Brown case first began March 5th. This is when Chris consulted with his lawyers and the case was then postponed to April 6th. Brown was charged with being charged with two felonies for assault on the alleged victim “Robyn F.” [Rihanna] during an argument on February 8. The second part of the case was held this past Monday, April 6th, in which Chris Brown has plead Not Guilty! Rihanna's attorney told the reporters after the hearing that Rihanna hoped a plea bargain could be struck but that she would testify against Brown if required. Chris and his lawyers did not speak with the press. The hearing of the case will be held April 29th. During this emotional time for both Rihanna and Chris there have been many rumors floating around. One which include the couple has gotten back together. Another which includes Chris, 19, resorting to alcohol and another rumor is that Rihanna was pregnant at the time. None of which were confirmed by any of the parties. What do you think of the Chris Brown/Rihanna case? What about the rumors? Do you think he is guilty?


  1. wtf you mean not guilty LOOK AT HER FACE

    1. Exactly!!!! Their not sure if the picture is real! It could of been photoshoped!! Even Rhianna said its not true he didnt do that to her and she didnt look like that! She said only the scatches on her head is real!