Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Duel Two

Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert!
This past Wednesday was the premiere of the Real World/ Road Rules Challenge: The Duel 2. This year the show had 1.78 million viewers and ranked as Wednesday #1 telecast among females 12-34. But what exactly is the Duel 2 you ask? The show is about 25 Real World or Road Rules contestants that compete in a new challenge each week. Each challenge has a female winner and a male winner. Then the two will decide who to pick to be safe and that person will have to pick one person of the opposite sex until one male and one female is left standing. These two will pick one of the safe people, other than the challenge winners to face off. The loser of the Duel Challenge will go home. At the end of the season, there will be six people left, three males and three females. For each gender, there will be a first place finisher, a second place and third place finisher. First place will win $100,000, second will win $35,000 and third will win $15,000. This years cast includes Adam,Aneesa, Brad, Brittini, Brooke, CT, Davis, Derek, Diem, Dunbar, Eric, Evan, Issac, Jen, Katie, Kimberley, Landon, Mark, Paula, Rachel, Robin, Ruthie, Ryan, Shauvon and Tori. During the first episode the cast celebrated Brittini's Birthday. That is when the trouble started. CT and Diem were broken up, and it was rumored that CT and Shauvon had sex on the roof. When Diem found out about this, Adam was the one to tell her. CT watched him telling her and decided to get physical. Its not clear who through the first punch but they both resorted to violence, so they both went home. This was all within the first 15 minutes of the show. When it was time for the challenge there were two more members to join the cast because of the two of them leaving. The two new members where MJ and Nehemiah. The Challenge was called Last Man Standing and the two winners included Robin and Evan. When they started to pick, to every ones surprise the first person picked was MJ and as they started to go down the line, the last Male was Ryan and the last Female was Shauvon. Ryan picked Nick. Shauvon picked Aneesa. In the episode they only showed the male duel where Ryan triumphed. Who will win the female dual, Shauvon or Aneesa? What do you think about CT leaving so soon? [Didn't he do the same thing last year.]

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