Monday, April 13, 2009

Is Nick Jonas so easily replaced or a little to hard to forget?

Have you seen the cover of April '09's J-14 magazine? Well the cover has caused a little bit of a buzz. On the cover there is a picture of Nick, Selena and Miley. The captions read "Nick and Selena: What went wrong." and "Miley tells J-14: 'I'll always love Nick.' + deets on their 45-minute call!" Didn't you think that Nick and Selena were dating. Well they recently split. J-14 reports that that "the couple who have been dating for less than a year have called it quits." Looking further into this story the main reason that the couple has called it quits is the fact that they were apart almost all the time and when they were together the paparazzi never caught them together. This then circled the question were they really dating. What really has Nelena fans upset is that fact that Selena moved on so quickly. Selena has been reported spending a lot of time with Forever The Sickest Kids. They are in the studio all the time working on her album. When J-14 did an interview with Jonathan of FTSK. This is some of what was said.

J-14: Have you kept in touch with Selena?
Jonathan: We talk on a daily basis, numerous times a day. We just have so much to talk about. It's been a relationship wher you can share stories with someone who actually gets it.

Relationship? Who knew they were in one so close to post Nelena? And recently Selena wrote this

Hey guys,I just wanted to check in with you guys and fill ya in on whats going on. The show is going great we are almost finished with our 2nd season and about to take off to shoot our movie for the show! we are so excited to start that! Also im still in the studio recording my album and I really am so happy with how its coming out and cant wait to share it with you guys! AND I wanted to fill you guys in on my new family.. some of you may already know of them but they are this AMAZING band called Forever the Sickest Kids! They have been so sweet to me and are the brothers ive never had! we all live in Texas and bonded so quickly! And as my job as a little sister to them I want to support them 100% and help spread the word about them and their music! They have been an absolute blessing to me and they are unbelievable musicians! They watch over me and I want to do the same for them! So you guys should check em out And to all the FTSK fans I want you guys to know that I just want to help them out! thats all.. I wont touch their music haha And last but not least I wanna say thank you to you guys.. I can tell you a million times how much you mean to me but it will NEVER be enough! This has been such a wonderful ride and adventure and I want to continue to take you guys with me everywhere I go! God bless!I LOVE YOU GUYS! -Selena

Hmmmm. Nothing about Nick? But there is another thing on the J-14 magazine that caused a stir. The fact that it says Miley and Nick were on a 45-minute phone call. In the magazine Miley Cyrus told J-14, " Nick and I are total friends, Like the other day we were on the phone for like 45 minutes. We don't hate each other the way people make it seem!" She is also quoted saying "NIck and I love each other to death and I'll alway love NIck, We stay out of each others personal lives and just support each other." This is just a little akward becuase April 11th Nick and Miley were seen together leaving the Village Idiot restaurant in Los Angeles. On their way out of the parking lot Nick got into a little "fender bender" with a car and broke a peice of his mustang. "Oops!" Following the lunch in date Miley posted this on her twitter, “Eating lunch and talking about music with an old friend.” Soon after, she posted, “Laying by the pool, thinking bout life." What does this mean for these two? Is Miley second thoughts about her current boyfriend Justin Gaston? What are your thoughts?

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